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Dan Kerr


Working in depth with tradies these past 6 years and seeing first hand the challenges they face, it’s clear there are two key fundamentals for growth, which are not always easy to find. Sourcing the right knowledge and getting true quality support. Tradiematepro provides this in spades!! I’ve not seen a better collection of experts and opportunities to empower trades businesses to develop and succeed. We are very excited to play our part in the tradiematepro community.

Dan Kerr


Why I support tradiematepro

Throughout our time working alongside tradies and trying to understand some of the challenges they face, I believe there are two key areas that are  ssential to growing any trades business. These are knowledge and support  and Tradiematepro provides this in spades!!

With regards to the  knowledge, our businesses are great on the tools and have spent years refining their craft, however more often than not, they haven’t spent the time learning or refining their business skills.

Whether these skills are in marketing, accounting, selling or even culture and leadership, they are fundamental to growing a trades business.

And in terms of support, running a business can be a lonely place and full of challenges that can be very daunting when attacked without the luxury of prior experience.

I've not seen a better collection of experts and opportunities to allow trades businesses to develop and succeed. We are genuinely excited to be involved.

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