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Take Control with the Tradie Hourly Rate Calculator and Quote with Confidence!

It’s one of the most common challenges that tradies face – what is the correct amount to charge for any given job. In fact, a staggering 95% of tradespeople in Australia don’t know how much they should be charging for their services. Naturally, people tend to undervalue their own work, and charge less than the job is worth to save embarrassment.

That’s where our handy tradesman quote calculator comes to the rescue. Tradiematepro is Australia’s trusted resource for tradies and has designed a tradesman hour billing rate calculator to help tradies everywhere provide accurate quotes for their services. Simply enter the dollar values of all factors and variables into the corresponding fields, and the rate calculator will figure out how much you should charge for any job based on its actual parameters.

Our Tried and Tested Hour Billing Rate Calculator is a Tradesman’s Best Friend

Tradiemate Pro’s hourly rate calculator takes the guesswork out of what to charge, because you’re entering the real figures from your Xero or MYOB file. It puts you firmly in the driver’s seat of your business, so that you feel confident in your final price and don’t end up discounting your services for no reason.

The tradesman quote calculator has fields for every possible element that you might need to factor into your rates, including:

  • Overhead costs.
  • Billable hours.
  • Owner’s salary.
  • Miscellaneous expenses.
  • Technician labour rate.
  • Taxes.
  • Superannuation.
  • And many more data input fields.
tradiematepro hourly rate calculator

The Tradesman Quote Calculator is the Ideal Tool for Taking the Guesswork out of What Your Work is Worth

With this revolutionary hourly rate calculator (designed by and for tradies), you can maximise your profits, grow your business and rest assured that you’re charging what your services are actually worth.
It also allows tradies everywhere to reduce the amount of time being wasted on tire kickers by clearly outlining the reasoning for your rate. This quote calculator gives you the means to offer people a detailed breakdown of your services and provide consistent pricing across your business.
At Tradiematepro, we strive to help Australian business owners achieve success and growth. We run a world-class coaching program to equip you with the tools you need to thrive. We also offer numerous helpful resources like the cash flow template, apprentice hire infographic, and The Ultimate Guide to Marketing & Lead Generation for Tradies.

Download the Tradiematepro Hourly Billing Rate Calculator Today

With this remarkably handy tool, you can take the headache and embarrassment out of knowing what to charge for each and every job you take on. Download the tradie hour billing rate calculator and never undervalue your own work again.